Top Flite D2+ Diva Dark Pink - $12.99

Type: Logo imprinted balls

15 packs

How long will it take to receive my order?
Custom imprinted orders take approximately two to three weeks to receive.

Customization: Logo Imprinted
15 ball pack
12 box minimum
Questions?   877-205-0661

D2+ Diva Pink Golf Ball
If you’re looking for the perfect ball for a woman’s swing speed, you’ve found it in the D2+ Diva. The Top Flite® D2+ lineup offers exceptional feel off the clubface, relying on superior design rather than hard compression. Dimple in Dimple™ Aerodynamics increase distance for a wide range of players, while a high speed core adds the perfect balance of feel and ball speed.

- Built for maximum distance for a woman's swing speed
- 332 Dimple in Dimple™ Aerodynamics maintains spin at the apex of flight for longer carry distance
- 2-piece design with larger core for softer ball compression and thin, softer cover for durability
- Pink for high visibility
- Conforms to USGA regulations

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