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New NXT Tour S Yellow for 2016
Softer from core to cover, new Titleist NXT Tour S golf ball is designed for players seeking the tee-to-green performance of NXT Tour – outstanding distance, consistent flight and excellent short-game control – with a significantly softer compression feel. New NXT Tour S has been reengineered with an even softer compression core and softer Fusablend, resulting in the softest-feeling NXT Tour S ever. A spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design delivers a piercing and stable ball flight.

NXT Tour S is available in both White and High Optic Yellow.

“Golfers that play NXT Tour S value very soft feel, and they still want Titleist performance. They want to hit it long off the tee and have great control around the greens. For 2016, our design goal was to further differentiate NXT Tour S from NXT Tour in terms of feel, while still delivering on those performance expectations,” said Scott Cooper, Titleist R&D’s Product Development Manager. “With new NXT Tour S, we’ve reformulated the core to be lower in compression so it will feel softer. We’ve also softened the cover by increasing the percentage of the softening agent used in the cover formulation. The cover is soft but it’s also durable, and it’s exclusive to Titleist. We call it Fusablend. It’s engineered to be soft and thin, which contributes to the ball’s exceptional short game spin. Unlike thermoplastic urethanes (TPU) which most of our competitors use, our cover feels soft on all shots rather than clicky.”

Player Benefits

• Softer feel on every shot

• Outstanding long game distance

• Piercing and stable ball flight

• Shot stopping short game control

• Excellent durability

Technology Excellence

• Reformulated softer compression core

• Softer Fusablend cover

• Spherically-tiled 302 octahedral
dimple design

There are 12 Titleist NXT Tour S golf balls printed with your 1 to 4 color logo in each box. Each 12 ball box has 4 sleeves inside that each contain 3 Titleist NXT Tour S logo golf balls.

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