Titleist NXT Tour - $38.95

Type: Logo imprinted balls


How long will it take to receive my order?
Custom imprinted orders take approximately two to three weeks to receive.

Customization: Logo Imprinted
12 box minimum
Questions?   877-205-0661

New NXT Tour for 2016
Engineered for high performance and distance, new Titleist NXT Tour is designed using advanced multi-component technology to provide even longer distance with excellent scoring performance and soft feel. NXT Tour’s dual core has been reengineered with a larger center that lowers driver and iron spin while delivering fast ball speed for more distance. A soft, thin Fusablend cover, pioneered by Titleist R&D, maintains NXT Tour’s excellent scoring performance with shot stopping control into and around the green. A spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design with shallower edge angles delivers a higher ball flight (than NXT Tour S) with a deep downrange peak trajectory.

“Performance can be measured with robots and instruments, but ultimately we measure our performance by the feedback we receive from golfers. And those golfers asked us to deliver an even longer NXT Tour,” said Matt Hogge, Titleist Golf Ball R&D’s Director of Product Implementation. “The challenge for R&D was in re-engineering the technology to increase distance while retaining the exceptional scoring performance that these golfers rely on. When you look at the dual core technology of NXT Tour, one of the critical elements is the relationship of the softer inner core to the firmer outer core. We’ve increased the size of that softer center so that by volume it’s about 66 percent larger. That’s a significant change which allowed us to knock down spin on full shots for longer distance. When you combine that with our thin, soft Fusablend cover, you also get great performance on shots into and around the green, the shots that really matter the most for scoring.”

Player Benefits

• Longer driver distance

• Longer iron distance

• Shot stopping short game control

• Soft feel
• Excellent durability

Technology Excellence

• Larger center dual core engine

• Soft, fast Fusablend cover

• Spherically-tiled 302 octahedral dimple design

There are 12 Titleist NXT Tour golf balls printed with your 1 to 4 color logo in each box. Each 12 ball box has 4 sleeves inside that each contain 3 logo golf balls. 

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