2 3/4" TUBEStixx™ Way LONG Golf Tees

Type: TUBEStixx Golf Tees™

2 3/4" Way Long TUBEStixx™ GolfTees - 200 count packs
The Way Long TubeStixx contains 200 of the 2-3/4" golf tees. Let's talk hardware shall we? Think about bolts and nails for a moment. They come in different lengths for a reason. Well, golf tees are no different. Having the right tool for the job is important! And Way Long RipStixx are the right choice if you use an oversize driver. "WayLongs" are 2-3/4" in length…5/8" longer than the standard golf tee. Extra length provides secure ground placement with sufficient ball height for optimum club face contact. Use the right tool- use Way Long RipStixx and see the difference! Available in Glacier White, Natural Oak, and MixStixx, a great color combo tube pack.

2 3/4” - for drivers under 360cc